Yikes, which way did I go? (Or, posted to the wrong blog) Daring Bakers

Well today I realized that not only did I have a whopping failure of a baking challenge but I posted about it on the wrong blog! December can be a tough month! Well, I’ve gone and snagged it from typepad and pasted it below and hopefully, I’ll be just a bit better organized in the new year.

From my Typepad
Baker’s Bust – First challenge, first failure

I was very excited to discover the daring barkers via a search for an enticing recipe in November. What a fun group! I rushed ot join eager for the challenge and inspirations. I extolled the group to everyone who happened upon me and eagerly awaited the December announcement. Sourdough! Awesome. I love bread and what a perfect introduction. I had a very busy December but this was a challenge that I was super eager to tackle. The trick was I was scheduled to fly to Europe on December 6th returning just before Christmas. No worries, that gave me five days to make the starter and and three weeks for it to wait for me to return home. I opted for the standard wheat starter. I figured I had a backup plan too because my dear friend is also a daring baker and was starting all three starters while I was away. I followed directions and after five days had a not completely pleasant brew or unclear stability. I stashed it in the fridge and headed to Budapest. I ate many good bread in Budapest but my favorite culinary adventure there was the kuros koclacky aka chimney cakes aka Transylvanian donuts roasted on an open spit. This is my 2012 challenge to myself. Upon my return, I pulled out my starter and gave it a nice feeding and ….nada. It was dead and gone. So to the trash it went. Luckily I still had my backup plan. Unfortunately, his three starters had gone to mold. With not enough days until challenge I am just out of luck for December. I baked myself a nice foccacia with commercial yeast and have to so content myself for now. I’m planning to try again but confess that after my reading and searching I’m thinking about ordering some starter for the long developed flavour and history. What do you think?

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