January’s Daring Baker Reveal

Scones at Harrod's - London

bisuits or scones

January challenge results

I loved January’s challenge – scones. Mom and I love having afternoon tea together a time or two each year. We’d do it more often but tea is Texas means ice tea and “hot” tea is mere a way to irritate waiters and is is most often served as tepid water with a bag of Lipton shoved in it. To be fair, in recent years, teas have become a lot more available but that still more likely to be at a specialty shop. Pity. In December, we flew to Budapest for a Christmas Market tour on the Danube. I scheduled a London stop-over so we could go to Harrods for tea. This was our third visit thoroughly enjoyable. I had a pot of Earl Grey, a couple of the sandwiches and my fill of warm scones. Ymmm.

So after I read the scone challenge I had entered several vigorous debates with myself. Where biscuits and scones the same thing? My experience and sensibilities screamed an emphatic NO! After all, I wouldn’t have a stop over in London for BISCUITS. Related? Sure. But the same – …. Several web searches later, I was no more comfortable with the answers than I was at the outset. The consensus is that the difference between the two foods is largely, the amount of sugar added, and the addition of eggs and/or cream.

I made the month’s recipe two days in a row, once with cream, once following the plain recipe. My findings, The scones I’ve had and those I’ve made previously are all cream scones. The cream makes a decidedly different taste and texture. When I made the plain recipe, I agree I’d call it a biscuit. I like that it made a small batch which is nice when cooking for two. However, it wouldn’t make my favorite recipe pile. Still it was a fun month.

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