Almond Brickle Cookies
Angelfood Cake
Banana Split Cake
Betwixt Bars
Bread Pudding & Whiskey Sauce
Buttermilk Pie
Caramel Pecan Tart
Cheryl’s Mom’s Red Velvet Cake & cream cheese icing
Chocolate Cherry Bars
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Cookie-sheet Cake
Chocolate Frosting
Classic Pecan Pie
Coconut Joys
Coconut Pecan Frosting
Coconut Pudding
German Chocolate Cake
Hot Desert Sand Cookies
Lemon Jello Cake
Lemon Chesss Pie
Lime Lights
Meme’s Cheesecake
Oatmeal Cookie Mix
Orange Peels
Peanut Brittle
Peanut Butter Cookies
Pecan Lace Cookies
Pecan Pie
Popcorn Balls
Popcorn, Toffee Crunch
Sour Orange Sorbet
Strawberry Cake
Sugared Pecans
Vanilla Cream Caramels

Moo Stew
Steak au Poivre (with port wine reductions)
Chicken Pot Pie
Perfect Baked Potatoes
Corn fritters
Felix’s Chile con Queso
Chili Cheese dip
Shrimp Crostini
Crostini’s Sweet Jalapeno sauce

Shrimp Creole
Corn and crab bisque
Gwen’s Pizza
Pork n Bean Sandwiches
Cinnamon Toast
Shrimp and Rice
Momma’s Goulash
Pork Tenderloin
Veal and Spinach Fettuccine
Taco Soup
Coconut Shrimp
Breakfast Casserole
Kevin’s corn and chicken chowder
Shrimp Louis Dip
Bacon wrapped shrimp with water chestnuts
Hot crab dip
Karry’s bacon wrapped shrimp
Kevin’s basic crab dip
Biscuit Pizza
Hot crab dip/hot shrimp dip
Kevin’s Pickles
Cold shrimp dip
Deviled eggs
Chicken Phyllo Bundles
Marmalade Chicken

French Bread
Cinnamon Rolls
White Bread
Egg Bread
Master Pizza Dough

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